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What impact will a DUI have on your Washington license?

You know that facing criminal charges of any kind can have a significant negative impact on various areas of your life. When facing charges for drunk driving, there is much more than just steep fines and potential jail time at stake; your right to drive is at risk.

The loss of your driving privileges is a steep price to pay for a DUI. Washington drivers would be wise to know what kind of penalties they are facing and how they can confront the charges against them. Protecting your right to drive is tantamount to many important areas of your life, including your ability to get to work and school. With help, it is possible to fight a DUI and potentially mitigate some of the penalties you are facing.

Expect more DUI arrests in Washington

Drunk driving arrests are down in Washington state. This may come as a surprise to you, especially if police recently arrested you for DUI. However, you must be one of the few because recent reports show state police are not arresting as many people for driving while impaired. Because of this, the public outcry is increasing.

As a result of the sharp decline in DUI arrests, the state is taking steps to increase the chances of catching you if you drive after drinking. In light of recent DUI fatalities, you may be hearing more from lawmakers and law enforcement who are determined to reverse the trend.

What happens to my license after a DUI arrest and conviction?

Facing any type of criminal charge is both confusing and overwhelming, especially if you find yourself facing charges related to drunk driving. You know that drunk driving can bring serious penalties for Washington drivers convicted of this type of crime, including the loss of driving privileges.

You need your license to drive to work, school, the grocery store, doctor appointments and to take your kids to various places. Protecting your license is of critical importance, and it can be helpful to know what happens to it after a DUI arrest, as well as after a DUI conviction. 

How can you tell if a drug is addictive?

Addiction is a generic term that medical professionals define as being dependent on something or habituated toward. Sometimes people use the word loosely to mean something good rather than in the negative sense as it's generally accepted. For instance, someone might say they're addicted to Washington sunrises and other beautiful scenes. This of course evokes a far different sensation than saying someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

Either way, if you believe you get pleasure from or need something so badly you may act in certain ways you would otherwise not act just to have it, there might be a problem. This often happens to people who use some of the most highly addictive substances on earth. Sometimes, thefts, assaults or other crimes occur that are somehow connected to a person or group of people's addictions.

Was your firearm purchase delayed?

Many Washington residents adamantly support Second Amendment rights to bear arms. Whether you're a hunter or target shooting enthusiast, or possess firearms for the purpose of self-protection and defense, you likely studied all applicable state and federal laws on buying and selling guns before purchasing any. Perhaps yours was one of many firearm purchases flagged and delayed in the state.

If you plan to buy a gun from a shop, the owner must be a licensed firearms dealer. In certain situations, you may be part-way through the buying process when you suddenly learn your purchase is a delayed one.

When driving a cold away drives you toward trouble with the law

We've all been there. You're expected at an important business meeting or final exams at a Washington college, and you can barely think straight because your head is pounding, nose is stuffy and eyes are a watery mess. Rescheduling is not an option, so you try to think of ways to alleviate your symptoms in order to forge ahead, muddle through and fulfill your obligations. What you'd really like is a warm blanket, cup of steaming hot tea and sleep; however, in times like these, something stronger is often necessary.

You go to your medicine cabinet and take a dose of cough syrup and decongestant. You choose what usually works best for you, then finish getting ready, grab your keys and head out the door. The problem is that you never expected the medicine you took before leaving your house or apartment would lead to possible criminal charges.

I was arrested for DUI! What do I do now?

First, do not panic. Just because a police officer arrested you on suspicion of drunk driving does not mean that you will face charges or end up with a conviction on your record. Before you talk to anyone or take any other action regarding your arrest, be sure to understand your legal rights.

Know your rights before you buy or sell a gun

The Second Amendment of the Constitution protects the right to bear arms. In recent years, discussions have remained ongoing regarding this often controversial topic. If you've purchased or sold a gun in the past, you likely agree with those who believe we should protect our Second Amendment rights at all costs.

Protective orders are frequently misused

Things may not have been going well between you and your spouse, and you may have anticipated a long and combative divorce. However, when police arrived to enforce a protective order against you, you were probably shocked and confused.

A protective order may have a profound impact on your life. Judges issue such rulings with justification in cases involving domestic violence. Unfortunately, the nature of protective orders allows people to abuse and misuse them.

That breath test you were given might not be accurate

Were you pulled over and arrested on suspicion of drunk driving? Like law enforcement officials in most states, Washington police officers more than likely carry a portable breath testing (PBT) machine to help them determine whether your blood alcohol level was above the legal level of .08 percent.

Police probably based your arrest, at least in part, on the results of that test. However, research has shown that this is not a particularly accurate way to test for impairment. Only a blood test, which requires a clinical setting, provides truly accurate results. Therefore, even if the PBT indicates that you were driving above the legal limit, this might not be the end of the story.

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