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Criminal Defense Archives

Washington police officer faces misdemeanor charge

An off-duty police officer has been accused of assaulting a fellow officer on the night of Feb. 7, according to local news sources. Washington police have reported that the 23-year-old officer has been charged with simple assault on a police officer, a misdemeanor. He has since been suspended with pay as the criminal investigation proceeds.

Man in Washington faces felony charges

A Walla Walla man has apparently been arrested after allegedly threatening the lives of several people, including one family member. Washington police became involved in a standoff with the man on the night of Jan. 5. The 29-year-old is facing felony charges related to this case.

Washington man faces felony charges after early release

A man who was apparently wrongly released from prison due to a software error is facing criminal charges with regard to a motor vehicle accident that occurred about three months after his early release, according to local law enforcement. The Washington state prisoner was released early (as were some 3,200 other inmates, dating back to 2002), thanks to a coding error in software involving prison records. The man faces felony charges in relation to a car accident that killed the man's girlfriend in early November. 

Man faces criminal charges in Washington

A man arrested for speeding is also facing serious charges with regard to an earlier crime, according to local sources. Washington State Police arrested the 35-year-old man on charges of reckless driving and resisting arrest, but it appears the man is also a suspect in a different matter. He has pleaded not guilty to all criminal charges from both cases. 

Motorcyclist in Washington faces felony charges

A Kelso motorcyclist is facing serious charges following a crash on Interstate 5, according to local news sources. The Washington State Patrol arrested the 42-year-old man after a car accident that caused damage to another vehicle and sent him to the hospital. He now faces felony charges, including eluding a police officer and driving under the influence. 

Washington man faces felony charges in alleged urination incident

A video uncovered by police seems to depict a man relieving himself on vehicles operated by a local police department, according to reports. The Washington man allegedly posted a video on his Facebook page depicting the act, which police are calling malicious mischief. The man may now face felony charges in connection with the event. 

Woman in Washington facing criminal charges in alleged kidnapping

A woman police believe abducted a 2-year-old child was charged on April 20 with assault and kidnapping, according to local sources. Washington authorities arrested the woman after she allegedly kidnapped the boy and his mother, holding them for several hours before being discovered. The criminal charges she faces in this case could see her face serious jail time. 

Woman faces criminal charges in Washington

A bizarre and tragic story unfolded in Olympia during the weekend of Jan. 24, according to local law enforcement sources. A young Washington mother is facing criminal charges after she allegedly slit her children's throats, allegedly to "quiet them." This unusual case is still being investigated by police, but the woman still stands charged with attempted murder. 

3 dead in Washington accident; driver faces criminal charges

A 17-year-old may be tried as an adult after facing charges pertaining to a fatal crash that killed his three passengers on Jan. 10, according to local sources. A Washington community is in mourning following the car accident that killed two girls and a boy all under the age of 19. The driver faces three criminal charges of vehicular homicide. 

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