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Sex Crimes Archives

Truck driver charged in Washington with sex crimes

A truck driver is awaiting extradition after being charged with sexually abusing a 14-year-old girl, according to local sources. The man, who lives out of state, has been under investigation by Washington authorities since late January and will be extradited to this state to face the charges of sex crimes he allegedly perpetrated. He is currently awaiting extradition after being booked into an out-of-state jail on Feb. 6. His bail is set at $250,000.

Mother facing sex crimes charge related to daughter

When an individual is charged with a serious crime, the ramifications are difficult for that person's immediate family. This is especially true in cases in which sex crimes are the center of an investigation. Reports of criminal charges are often picked up by both print and broadcast media, and news of an arrest can spread very quickly. This is the case for a Washington mother who is accused of engaging in sex trafficking of her own teenage daughter.

Doctor at Bremerton clinic jailed for alleged sex crimes

The relationship between doctor and patient is built on the premise of trust. However, when a doctor finds oneself on the wrong end of an accusation of violating that trust, then his or her whole professional and personal life can be profoundly affected. One Bremerton physician is currently being held in jail after allegations of sex crimes were lodged against him.

Washington man orders pizza and gets arrested for sex crimes

When an incident occurs in a house and is just between two people, it may be difficult or even impossible to prove exactly what may have occurred. Intent of actions that take place may be misinterpreted and can lead to criminal charges if one feels it is necessary to involve authorities. Recently when a Washington man ordered a pizza, an incident with the delivery girl led to the man's arrest. He now faces charges of sex crimes against the girl.

6 arrested on allegations of sex crimes in Washington

The potential ramifications of a criminal accusation can be far reaching. If the state gains a conviction on serious charges, the affected person's life may be irrevocably changed. Recently, six individuals in Washington were arrested and charged with sex crimes allegations.

Seattle parents protest delay after rape accusations

According to one family's account, their daughter was sexually assaulted during a field trip in 2012. Recently, parents, and others, from the same school staged a protest lamenting what they believe to be a delay of action on the part of the school administrators in investigating the rape allegations. Furthermore, no criminal charges resulted after the Washington incident was reported.

Former Washington officer accused of child pornography offense

When an individual in Washington or any other state in the United States is facing charges related to child porn, it is not uncommon for them to be treated like pedophiles. These types of allegations create a chaos in the community. This is especially true when child pornography accusations are made against a leader of the community, such as a police officer.

Individuals can be civilly committed after serving jail sentence

Washington was the first state in the nation to allow for involuntary commitment of alleged sex offenders after their criminal sentences have ended.  The Washington attorney general is now attempting to civilly commit a 60-year-old accused sex offender by claiming that he is unable to control his violent behavior.

Washington teacher moves to resolve case years after acquittal

Being convicted -- or simply accused -- of a crime can seriously damage a person's professional reputation. This is particularly for school teachers. One Washington woman found this out under difficult circumstances: She was accused of sexual misconduct with two students who attended the high school she taught at in 2009.

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