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Washington man faces drunk driving charges

A man in Wapato is under fire for an alleged DUI incident, according to local sources. Washington State authorities allege the man led them on a "chase" before being arrested on May 23. He will now face drunk driving charges as well as several other charges associated with the incident. No court date has been announced at this time. 

Man faces drunk driving charges in Washington

A 54-year-old man with a history of DUI offenses in Washington has pleaded innocent to new charges that allege he did not stop for police until arriving home. Police filed drunk driving charges against the man in connection with the Feb. 20 incident. He will face these charges in court on Apr. 20.

What leads to a driving under the influence charge in Washington?

The definition of a DUI entails the driver consuming or ingesting any intoxicating substance or combination of substances that impairs one's ability to safely operate a motor vehicle, as defined by applicable state statutes. The intoxicating substance is not limited to drugs or alcohol but can include prescription or over-the-counter medications. There are two ways an arresting officer in Washington attempts to determine if a person is driving under the influence.

Washington man arrested, faces DUI charges after chase

A criminal conviction can have a significant impact on person's life. The stakes could be even higher when facing DUI charges after a prior conviction. One man is now facing felony charges after his recent arrest by Washington State Police.

After serious Washington crash, driver may face DUI charges

If one is accused of drinking and driving, there are often serious consequences that follow a criminal conviction. They could include fines, prison and other penalties. One man who was seriously hurt in a car accident may also face DUI charges. Washington State police have indicated that they intend to seek charges against him.

Washington man accused of driving under the influence; 1 dead

A Washington man has been arrested following the death of a pedestrian that he allegedly hit with his vehicle. The 27-year-old has been taken into police custody for several offenses, possibly as a result of driving under the influence according to officials. The man is also accused of hitting three other people as well as several vehicles at the time of the accident.

Washington top cop arrested on drunk driving charges

A man who held the position of police commander has been arrested and subsequently fired from his position on the force. The man, who had served more than a decade and a half as an officer, was arrested on drunk driving charges. The Washington man is fighting the charges and is arguing against his termination.

Washington individual faces 5-year sentence for felony DUI

A 28-year-old man residing in Bainbridge Island has been arrested for a possible fifth DUI violation.  He was reportedly stopped for driving under the influence by the Washington State Patrol on March 23 in Silverdale and was charged with a felony.

Washington lawmakers mull felony drunk driving bill again

In Washington, people can be charged with a felony for driving under the influence alcohol if they have four or more similar offenses on their record within the previous 10 years. Although any drunk driving conviction carries serious consequences, the stakes are significantly higher when a felony is involved. For example, the abilities to vote or own a firearm are generally revoked.

Washington increases penalties for repeat DUI offenders

Washington recently passed a new bill that will impact individuals charged and convicted of driving under the influence in the state. Washington lawmakers passed legislation that will impose stricter penalties and regulations for drivers convicted of DUIs.

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