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Woman in Washington facing criminal charges in alleged kidnapping

A woman police believe abducted a 2-year-old child was charged on April 20 with assault and kidnapping, according to local sources. Washington authorities arrested the woman after she allegedly kidnapped the boy and his mother, holding them for several hours before being discovered. The criminal charges she faces in this case could see her face serious jail time. 

Woman faces criminal charges in Washington

A bizarre and tragic story unfolded in Olympia during the weekend of Jan. 24, according to local law enforcement sources. A young Washington mother is facing criminal charges after she allegedly slit her children's throats, allegedly to "quiet them." This unusual case is still being investigated by police, but the woman still stands charged with attempted murder. 

Washington man released after criminal charges called into doubt

Being convicted of a crime is a devastating moment. What could only be worse would be to have a conviction based on false criminal charges. One Washington man who has served almost 20 years may know this miscarriage of justice first hand.

Washington prosecutor resigns before any criminal charges filed

When times get difficult, everyone counts on a friend or two to lean on for advice and support. One woman has now resigned from her position in a Washington county prosecutor's office after being investigated and possibly facing criminal charges for allegedly aiding a friend. She has not been formally charged with a crime at this point, but a fellow prosecutor alluded to it as being a matter for a federal court.

Washington man has criminal charges filed after fatal wreck

A Washington man who was recently located in another state has been brought back and is currently being held in a local jail. He has had criminal charges filed against him in connection with a fatal accident in 2012. He is alleged to have a history of criminal convictions.

Washington man's criminal charges reduced after diagnosis

An 18-year-old Washington man who was facing attempted murder charges has been found not mentally competent to stand trial. The prosecutor has further reduced his criminal charges in light of the fact that he is allegedly suffering from a mental disorder. According to state records, this ruling is rare in criminal cases.

Washington man can't be held on criminal charges for shooting

Last year, an elementary student took a loaded gun to school. Unfortunately, the boy dropped the bag in which the firearm had been placed, and it accidentally discharged. Another child was hurt seriously in the incident. Washington police initially filed criminal charges against the adult from whom the boy took the weapon.

Warrantless search the subject of U.S. Supreme Court case

The fact that a criminal case recently made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court demonstrates how complex this area of law can become.  The matter that made its way to the court concerned a warrantless search conducted at a home.  While individual objected to this search at the time of his arrest, his girlfriend had consented to a search of the home being conducted after this individual was placed under arrest.

Problem with police witnesses who may not be credible

The credibility of a number of police officers in Seattle has been put to question and this has resulted in many of them being relieved of their duties.  One major concern was the failure of certain officers to not provide evidence that could have proved exculpatory to individuals charged with crimes.

Washington teen with mental illness charged as adult for murder

A 16-year-old boy from Washington is up against a number of challenges, both legally and personally. Law enforcement officials have charged the teen with for premeditated murder. Rather than handling the charges in juvenile court, the teen is currently being treated as an adult by prosecutors.

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