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Kitsap County woman charged for escaping custody

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2013 | Criminal Defense |

When a person is convicted on criminal charges, there may be a number of directions the court cab pursue for sentencing. The nature of a person’s alleged actions can influence what kind of sentence is handed down at trial. Not only is it critical for defendants to be sentenced fairly if they are convicted, but it’s important for them to completely understand the terms of their sentence.

A 23-year-old Bainbridge Island woman recently began a stint in a Washington work release program after being convicted for forgery and possession of stolen property. Four days after her term at the facility began, she was released to pick up transit and identification cards in Bremerton. Authorities say the woman never returned to the work release facility, which led to an arrest and new charges.

Reports from court say that the woman was charged for escaping custody. This alleged violation of the woman’s work release orders could lead to a more serious criminal sentence. As such, the woman may have to take measures to establish another criminal defense.

At times, a criminal sentence may be geared toward rehabilitation. In this case, the young woman was put in a facility that allowed her to work so long as she returned to custody.

This case serves as an important reminder that failing to abide by the terms of a sentence can result in more serious charges. As the trial for the escaping custody charges moves forward, it will be important to determine the exact series of events and why the woman apparently didn’t return to custody as required. This evidence could have a bearing on the outcome of the legal proceedings.

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