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Katie Staples-Sipps

After having a rough 5 year patch in early adulthood, I had collected about 8 different criminal charges. Fast forward to the present and I have 16 years clean, a MA degree and a career that allows me to help teen and young adults from making the same mistakes I did. I contacted Mr. Kelly by chance, to see if there was a way of clearing my history to give myself a fresh start when I relocate in June. He answered my questions honestly and quickly. Read More..

Great Defense Attorney!!!

Mr. Kelly is a great defense attorney, both in his approach and his ethics. He was very straight forward, and did not tell me platitudes, to give me a false sense of what we were looking at, in aspects of my defense or dealing with the prosecution, in both of my trials. Along with being honest of the uphill battle, he was my support and advocate through the whole process and provided a defense that I asked for, true and honest, which he delivered aggressively when it was needed, to protect my rights. Even in the face of “Gray” areas that was presented by the state. Mr. Kelly defended me and countered with the law. Read More...

Tim Kelly can do great things!

Mr. Kelly is truly an amazing attorney. I have never been involved in a criminal incident in my entire life, but when faced with Felony charges, Mr. Kelly was able to negotiate with the deputy prosecutor assigned to my case and significantly reduce the charges against me. He is an honest attorney who has been a defense lawyer in the area for 15 years. Everyone in the local area knows who he is. I was required to complete a number of different actions within the Kitsap County Court system, and when each office I dealt with asked who my lawyer was the response was always the same when I gave them Tim Kelly’s name. Read More...

Amazing Attorney!!!


Mr. Kelly was and has continued to be an outstanding lawyer for me. He has been on retainer with me since 2012 and we are still in contact regularly. I have several legal issues varying from possible simple misdemeanors to DUI to Felony. Mr Kelly has fought honestly and extremely hard to always get me the best possible outcome. Not only is he amazingly skilled in his law practices but he went and visited me at inpatient treatment when I was trying to leave, calmed me down, and convinced me to stay and graduate treatment. Read More...

Domestic violence

Tim did a great job with my case he was a great resource for everything related to my case.super easy to get ahold of and I highly recommend him to fight for your rights.

Outstanding Attorney!!!


Mr. Kelly has been an outstanding attorney for me. He has been on retainer with me since 2012 and we are still in contact regularly. I have several legal issues varying from DUI to Felony Theft and Forgery. Mr Kelly has fought honestly and extremely hard to always get me the best possible outcome. I have been extremely fortunate to have received minimal punishment when my crimes were much greater. Read More...

Available, knowledgeable, thoughtful, professional and gets results

A Criminal Defense Client

I was rightfully charged with a minor criminal offense based on my own poor decision-making. Although a minor offense, a charge on my record could interfere with possible job opportunities. I want to make sure I kept my options open and did not limit myself, so I contacted Tim Kelly based on reviews I read. Read More...

A great criminal defense attorney


Tim came into my life thru a tumultuous set of circumstances. I was incarcerated and told my brother I wanted the best attorney in the area. With Tim, I got just what I asked for. The best. My case was so convoluted most attorney’s would not commit. Tim took the case, saved my sanity, insured I spent the least amount of time behind bars, helped me to get my family back together and was as genuine as they come. I not only gained a great lawyer through Tim but I gained a great friend to whom I am ever indebted, highly, highly recommended.

Great lawyer!

A Criminal Defense Client

Tim was easy to communicate with whether it was by phone, email or in person. He was friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend!

The attorney you need.


Tim Kelly is there for you. He knows the legal system inside and out and is especially familiar with Kitsap County. In addition to being knowledgeable, he is responsive and keeps in constant contact. He is kind and caring, yet realistic. I would highly recommend this lawyer.

Excellent Attorney

A Criminal Defense Client

Great attorney, honest, hardworking, always ready to answer your questions and explains things in a way you can understand. I highly recommend him and his services. I am certain that Tim got the absolute best deal for me on my case.

Any time of the day he’s there for you

A Criminal Defense Client

Hands down, worth every penny. You won’t be disappointed. Tim is aggressive and gets results. I honestly feel his personality and working relationship with the prosecution benefited me in the long run. Talk with him yourself; I think you’ll see what I mean. Good Luck! The best damn lawyer you’ll ever need.100%on the job for you.

Jaydee Olson

No need to look any further,he gets the job done for you and is a fighter for you.no bs here.