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Katie Staples-Sipps

After having a rough 5 year patch in early adulthood, I had collected about 8 different criminal charges. Fast forward to the present and I have 16 years clean, a MA degree and a career that allows me to help teen and young adults from making the same mistakes I did. I contacted Mr. Kelly by chance, to see if there was a way of clearing my history to give myself a fresh start when I relocate in June. He answered my questions honestly and quickly. Though I gave him a heavy workload, he handled my cases well before the initial quoted time frame and followed through to verify that the courts had reported the vacatings to the Washington State Patrol.

Through an odd twist of fate, Mr. Kelly recognized my name. Turned out that he was my first attorney when I was in drug court back in 2002. My circle of deviance began with bad choices, but him on my side and ended with him clearing my record and allowing me to reach my full potential. I highly recommend Tim to all of my people in recovery who have made a new life for themselves.

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