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Charged With Assault In Port Orchard?

Have you been charged with assault? As time ticks by, you could be missing opportunities. Act now to enlist a lawyer who will respond quickly to protect your rights. I’m Tim Kelly, and I bring more than 30 years of experience to these serious criminal charges.

What Led To The Assault Charge?

Many of the cases I have handled as a Port Orchard assault attorney involve alcohol. For example, assault charges often stem from a bar fight. My experience means I understand the issues that may arise in these cases. Who are the witnesses? How much did they have to drink? Were you simply acting in self-defense after someone attacked you?

Assault charges may also come after a Washington road rage incident. Does your case involve another driver who stopped and got out of his or her vehicle? As in bar fights, the question arises here as to who was the aggressor and who was acting in self-defense.

These charges become more serious if a weapon was involved. I defend against charges of assault with a deadly weapon involving firearms and other weapons.

Experienced Defense Against Assault Charges

I will review the situation and determine the most appropriate defense strategy. Perhaps negotiating with prosecutors makes sense. Perhaps the matter will need to be taken all the way to trial, which I am always prepared for.

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