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Skilled Drug Crime Attorney: Port Orchard

Have you been accused of a drug crime? You need to act now and enlist a lawyer who will respond quickly to protect your rights. Any delay could result in missed opportunities. I’m Tim Kelly, and I’m ready to defend you against these serious criminal charges — now.

From Drug Possession To Drug Distribution

With more than 30 years of experience as a Port Orchard drug crime attorney, I have handled cases involving drugs of all kinds, including marijuana and cocaine.

Frequently, the cases I handle involve prescription drugs such as OxyContin, Xanax and Vicodin that are being possessed without a prescription or with a forged prescription, or that are being sold illegally. It is not unusual for these charges to stem from a misunderstanding such as an incident in which a person was caught with a family member’s prescription and had no intention of doing anything illegal. I know how to deal with these cases appropriately.

Whether you have been accused of drug possession, drug distribution, drug trafficking, prescription fraud or any other drug crime in Washington, I can defend you.

Experienced Defense Against Drug Charges

Experience has taught me that the best defense strategy can vary from one drug crime case to the next. It may be appropriate to work with prosecutors for a deal. However, I always prepare cases for trial, knowing that I may have to argue in court to provide the results you need.

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