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Preserve Your Rights When Challenged By An Order Of Protection

With a defense lawyer’s help, explore all options available to avoid having your liberties restricted and your reputation tarnished irremediably if you have been named in a civil protection order such as the following:

  • A domestic violence protection order
  • A stalking protection order
  • An antiharassment protection order
  • A sexual assault protection order
  • A vulnerable adult protection order
  • An extreme risk protection order

By mid-2022, courts in Washington have been ordered by the state legislature to find ways to reorganize the jurisdictions associated with these laws, which may or may not have an impact on your legal status. You should not delay getting legal counsel when you are facing any type of protection order.

Understanding The Impact Of A Violation

Along with the limitations imposed by the civil protection order, you may also face criminal charges for domestic violence or violation of the protection order.  If you have been accused or charged with violating a restraining order, your need for defense representation is urgent.

You may face jail time in addition to other penalties, such as denial of access to any of the following:

  • Your own home
  • Your children
  • Your children’s schools or daycare centers
  • The workplace of your spouse or partner who took out the restraining order

Upon conviction for domestic violence or the protective order violation, you will have a criminal record. You may experience long-lasting repercussions such as a ban on gun ownership and difficulty getting certain types of jobs.

The longer you wait to defend yourself, the more complex your legal situation may become and the more likely it is that negative consequences will become difficult to escape or remedy.

Turn To A Proven Effective Defender Of The Accused

If you choose me, Tim Kelly, as your defense lawyer, I will work hard to protect your rights. From my law office in Port Orchard, I vigorously defend people charged with domestic violence and violations of protection orders. Every case and client is unique.

Discovering the most effective defense strategy for you is a challenge that I welcome. For example, I may be able to prove that a judge issued your restraining order in a manner that was contrary to the rule of law or a court order. The most important step you can take now is to act to protect your freedom and future. Let’s start together. Call me at 360-602-2864 or request a consultation online.