Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer
photo of attorney Timothy P. Kelly

Tim Kelly can do great things!

Mr. Kelly is truly an amazing attorney. I have never been involved in a criminal incident in my entire life, but when faced with Felony charges, Mr. Kelly was able to negotiate with the deputy prosecutor assigned to my case and significantly reduce the charges against me. He is an honest attorney who has been a defense lawyer in the area for 15 years. Everyone in the local area knows who he is. I was required to complete a number of different actions within the Kitsap County Court system, and when each office I dealt with asked who my lawyer was the response was always the same when I gave them Tim Kelly’s name. “Tim! I know Tim!”

He has a repertoire with the Kitsap County Prosecutor’s office, as he has worked with the deputy prosecutor charging me for 15 years. He is also very familiar with the defense attorneys within the Kitsap County Defenders office. Mr. Kelly knew the defender initially assigned to my case as well as that defender’s qualifications and experience.

He is encouraging, he doesn’t judge, and he allows you complete freedom to express yourself, your concerns, your anxiety, and your anger towards the confusion and chaos surrounding your situation.

He is compassionate, and at your service. He works for YOU. Mr. Kelly was always available, and returned my emails the same day. He always had appointment space for me to meet with him. He was incredibly kind to both my young children when I was force to bring them with me to meetings. He had paper, pens, and a gentle demeanor to put them at ease while he updated me on my case. He also kept me calm, and clearly explained the process I was going through, as well as explained what to expect with each court date. (All the way up until the final district court date, which left me with a slap on the hand and a dismissal in two years!)

In summary, Mr. Kelly is extremely well known and respected within the entire Kitsap County court system. Mr. Kelly is available around the clock, and he works for you. Mr. Kelly is compassionate, and honest. He puts your mind at ease and educates you as he walks you through the entire criminal process to, in my case, an extremely favorable end.

I would highly recommend Tim Kelly as an attorney and I will always be thankful for what he quickly accomplished for me.

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