Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer
photo of attorney Timothy P. Kelly

Amazing Attorney!!!


Mr. Kelly was and has continued to be an outstanding lawyer for me. He has been on retainer with me since 2012 and we are still in contact regularly. I have several legal issues varying from possible simple misdemeanors to DUI to Felony. Mr Kelly has fought honestly and extremely hard to always get me the best possible outcome. Not only is he amazingly skilled in his law practices but he went and visited me at inpatient treatment when I was trying to leave, calmed me down, and convinced me to stay and graduate treatment. He has also always kept me promptly informed on all of my court dates and his communication with members of the court. He has been truly kind to me and my family and has continuously kept my best interest as his top priority. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of a criminal defense attorney. He has played a large part in helping me to become clean and sober and better my life, which sometimes meant he was hard on me but it was constructive criticism which ended up being extremely helpful. He is also very reasonably priced especially considering he will go the extra mile or 2 for you.

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