Experienced Criminal Defense Lawyer
photo of attorney Timothy P. Kelly

Great Defense Attorney!!!

Mr. Kelly is a great defense attorney, both in his approach and his ethics. He was very straight forward, and did not tell me platitudes, to give me a false sense of what we were looking at, in aspects of my defense or dealing with the prosecution, in both of my trials. Along with being honest of the uphill battle, he was my support and advocate through the whole process and provided a defense that I asked for, true and honest, which he delivered aggressively when it was needed, to protect my rights. Even in the face of “Gray” areas that was presented by the state. Mr. Kelly defended me and countered with the law. His ethics out of court and in the courtroom are why I came back to him after my win in the appellate court. His knowledge of the law, his unbiased approach to defend his clients, his attention to the logistics needed to adequately defend my rights, his wisdom in the courtroom and the drive to fight my defense: even in an “uphill” battle is why Mr. Kelly is a great defense attorney.

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