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A Criminal Defense Client

I was rightfully charged with a minor criminal offense based on my own poor decision making. Although a minor offense, a charge on my record could interfere with possible job opportunities. I want to make sure I kept my options open and did not limit myself so I contacted Tim Kelly based on reviews I read.

What was most refreshing was Mr. Kelly’s availability. You could always get a hold of him via phone or through email. The initial consultation was thoughtful and provided me with the confidence to move forward.

My charge was so minor that there are built-in systems already in place to have the issue completely dismissed if a civil remedy is available. This requires filing the right paperwork with the right people. Without the need for a full retainer, Mr. Kelly and I were able to work out a deal that allowed me to save some money by doing some of the leg work myself. I really appreciated Mr. Kelly’s willingness to find a solution that worked best for both of us.

The end result is I had an arraignment that was only a formality. Reason being, is the case was already dismissed. I stood in front of the judge for less than 2 minutes. I was thanked by the judge and the prosecuting attorney for taking care of the issue both “professionally and in a timely manner.” Wow! I was paid a compliment thanks to the help and guidance of Timothy Kelly.

Great guy, easy to talk to, knowledgeable and available. I highly recommend Tim Kelly.

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