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Washington teacher faces accusations of molesting student

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2013 | Sex Crimes |

Some of the most complicated criminal defense issues involve sex crimes. These cases regularly cover very sensitive subjects that can destroy a person’s reputation. Not long ago, a former school teacher was accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with one of her students. Since being charged for child molestation, the woman has pled not guilty in court.

According to reports from law enforcement, the teacher began spending a lot of time with one of her students outside of school. Apparently, the educator made inappropriate contact with the student on three occasions. After being arrested and entering a not guilty plea, the woman was released from police custody.

Reports indicate that the criminal case began when the teacher’s husband reported her to a counselor at the school. Police say that the husband had suspicions that something wasn’t right with his wife’s behavior. Additionally, the woman allegedly came forward to her family and admitted having an inappropriate relationship with the student. This information, provided by the husband and one of the woman’s children, appears to conflict with the plea the woman entered in court.

Knowing that accounts detailed in police reports could conflict with the accused teacher’s version of events, further investigation may be necessary to clear the air. More information could also come forward as the woman offers her defense in court.

Accusations of committing a sex offense can follow people for their entire lives, which is why any legal action in this regard should be taken seriously. In this particular case, the woman would likely have to register as a sex offender and be forbidden from teaching if she’s convicted. As such, it will be important to put forth a strong criminal defense.

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