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Washington man may explore criminal defense options after charges

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2013 | Criminal Defense |

Serious charges can also come with serious penalties if an accused person is convicted of allegations leveled against them. Fortunately, individuals have rights that allow them to be formally charged in court and have the ability to present a criminal defense if they so choose. Depending on the circumstances of a party’s situation, there could be various legal options to explore.

A Washington man may be exploring his options as he is currently facing charges for assault after allegedly being involved in a shooting. The event reportedly took place in a casino parking lot after a conflict broke out between the suspect and two other male individuals. The suspect was noted as being in a vehicle with his wife when the two other men attracted his attention. The suspect purportedly showed the two other men that he was armed, but it did not deter their “taunting” actions.

The suspect then reportedly exited the vehicle that he had been in and fired shots. The two men fled the scene, but the suspect allegedly pursued them. He then reportedly shot one man in the back and throat and the other man in the chest. None of the alleged gun-shot wounds were fatal.

As the assault allegations the suspect currently faces could lead to severe penalties — including the possibility of jail time — he may which to gather information dealing with criminal defense strategies. He may be able to give reason that he was acting in self-defense or utilize other defense strategies. Gaining knowledge on Washington state laws dealing with assault and relevant criminal proceedings could help him determine which legal paths could be best for his circumstances.

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