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Washington individual faces 5-year sentence for felony DUI

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2014 | Drunk Driving |

A 28-year-old man residing in Bainbridge Island has been arrested for a possible fifth DUI violation.  He was reportedly stopped for driving under the influence by the Washington State Patrol on March 23 in Silverdale and was charged with a felony.

The state trooper claimed that the driver’s eyes were bloodshot and that he was shaking.  When the driver purportedly had problems locating his vehicle registration he was then requested to get out of his vehicle to perform sobriety tests.  The trooper then claimed the driver was having difficulty following the instructions provided to him concerning performance of these tests.

The results of toxicology reports concerning a blood draw had not been released when this story appeared in the newspaper. The bail for this driver was set at $75,000. If convicted this young man could face a prison sentence of five years and being looking at a $10,000 fine.

Obviously the punishment for a conviction in this matter could be severe. Every DUI charge brings along with it possible consequences and subsequent DUI convictions can result in even harsher penalties. However, many DUI charges can be contested because of the manner in which tests were performed or because of possible inaccuracies concerning toxicology results.

There is practically no other area of law where attorneys are more badly needed than when individuals are charged with a crime. DUI matters are no exception. Anyone arrested for a DUI should contact an experienced DUI defense attorney before making any statements to arresting officers or prosecuting attorneys. Attorneys can educate those charged about their legal options. A conversation with such an attorney can also prevent individuals from making statements to authorities that may later be used to support a conviction.

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