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Washington woman and father face criminal charges in heist

On Behalf of | May 26, 2014 | Criminal Defense |

Police in Washington have arrested and charged a woman and her father for allegedly entering a private corporate store without authorization and removing thousands of dollars worth of Microsoft goods. These two employees are facing criminal charges for this alleged heist. Authorities claim that the incidents occurred on the grounds of the tech giant’s campus.

The first alleged heist was reported to have occurred in mid-January of this year. The daughter, who is 22, is employed in the food service sector of Microsoft’s sprawling Redwood corporate headquarters. The father, who is 53, drives a company shuttle. Neither position entails having access to the private software shop. On the first occasion when the two are alleged to have entered the store, the father’s employee key card was rejected at the secured door, although reportedly, a security worker helped them gain entry under purportedly false pretenses.

After they were inside the shop, the woman supposedly indicated which items she wanted, and her dad placed them in bags. Within minutes, the pair had allegedly taken thousands of dollars worth of goods without payment. Allegedly, the second breach was again facilitated with the same guard’s unintentional assistance. According to officials, the second visit was a duplicate of the first a few days earlier. Altogether, the two have been accused of stealing more than $40,000 worth of goods, although the actual value was said to be a bit less than $7,000.

In addition to what the police might possibly have recovered in evidence, the daughter is alleged to have posted to on Facebook that she altered a key card in order for it to have the likeness of the type needed to access the corporate store. Prior to this incident, the father did not have a record of criminal charges, unlike his daughter, who is alleged to have a lengthy history of criminal behavior. Moreover, it was reported the father had acquired a still active restraining order against his daughter. Washington laws will ensure that the legal rights of both parties as they each focus on their individual charges and the court proceedings to come.

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