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Washington college student facing criminal charges for threats

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2014 | Criminal Defense |

This past spring, a disturbed young man decided to strike back at random women for perceived slights he had suffered in life. While there may never be an opportunity to discover why the man felt compelled to act as he did, Federal authorities have now arrested a Washington student whom they claim was making similar threats. The 23-year-old man is now facing several criminal charges in connection to these allegations.

The student was alleged to have made his threats over social media accounts. Officials have stated that the man went onto two internet social sites and pledged to take more lives than the shooter from a West Coast state. Police have also alleged that he engaged in online conversations in which he gave limited information concerning his whereabouts to at least one person who asked.

Police have also filed complaints that the man was guilty of stalking victims online and making threats across state borders. The Washington authorities had declined to file charges against the man and instead turned the case over to federal agencies. When the arresting officers arrived at his residence, they did not find any evidence that the man had any weapons with which to carry out his purported plans.

At the time of the report, it was to be determined whether the accused man would be allowed out on a bond before his trial. In the meantime, while this man is facing multiple criminal charges based on allegations that he violated federal laws, there has been no evidence that he intended to carry out any attack against his alleged targets. Understandably, if he did make statements over the web concerning his desire to carry out an attack, it may have been an unwise decision; however, a threat does not equate guilt in committing an actual attack. He is assured of his right to be presumed innocent throughout these proceedings. This man may seek to learn as much as possible going forward concerning the nature of the allegations he is facing and the best possible resolution that he can work toward in his present circumstances.

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