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Washington man arrested, faces DUI charges after chase

On Behalf of | Sep 27, 2014 | Drunk Driving |

A criminal conviction can have a significant impact on person’s life. The stakes could be even higher when facing DUI charges after a prior conviction. One man is now facing felony charges after his recent arrest by Washington State Police.

The authorities say they received a report of a driver operating a vehicle in an erratic manner. When they located the driver, he reportedly refused to acquiesce to orders to pull his car over. Instead, the is said to have sped off.

A pursuit ensued. The chase apparently went on for several miles at speeds ion excess of 110 mph. Officers placed stop strips placed on the roadway. After the man’s vehicle stopped, he did not offer any resistance. When he was taken into custody, he was charged with several offenses, including driving on a revoked license and driving under the influence.

The authorities reported that the 52-year-old man was previously convicted on other DUI charges, and he has now been charged with felony drunk driving and evading. Understandably, he will face potentially significant consequences should the state ultimately gain a conviction regarding the pending accusations. Nevertheless, he is guaranteed the right to challenge the case that the state is assembling against him, as well as to contest specific items of evidence and confront prosecution witnesses in a Washington criminal courtroom. He and his defense team may also explore the possibility of a plea agreement, if the option is presented to him, in order to seek the best resolution available in his current circumstances. His freedom and his future prospects may depend upon it.

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