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6 arrested on allegations of sex crimes in Washington

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

The potential ramifications of a criminal accusation can be far reaching. If the state gains a conviction on serious charges, the affected person’s life may be irrevocably changed. Recently, six individuals in Washington were arrested and charged with sex crimes allegations.

According to the police reports, six men of various backgrounds and ages were accused of attempting to meet under-aged children online for the purpose of engaging in illicit behavior. One man is purportedly an active member of the Navy, and another is supposedly employed as a corrections officer. One other individual is a 17-year-old who is described as a man in the charges.

The men were arrested after they allegedly made contact, through social media and emails, with those they purportedly believed to be children. The investigating officers set up the contacts while portraying themselves as minors. The men were all arrested in different locations after allegedly arranging meetings with the “child” they contacted.

The operation to attempt to catch so-called online predators came at the request of the prosecutor of one Washington county office. The men who were arrested will be charged with sex crimes such as attempted rape of a child and illicit contact with a minor with immoral intentions. It is imperative that each accused man consults with those experienced in defending against criminal allegations of this nature and that each one carefully examines the evidence the state intends to present against them. They are each guaranteed the right to face their accusers in court while also seeking the best outcome possible with regard to their individual best interests.

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