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Washington man orders pizza and gets arrested for sex crimes

On Behalf of | Nov 14, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

When an incident occurs in a house and is just between two people, it may be difficult or even impossible to prove exactly what may have occurred. Intent of actions that take place may be misinterpreted and can lead to criminal charges if one feels it is necessary to involve authorities. Recently when a Washington man ordered a pizza, an incident with the delivery girl led to the man’s arrest. He now faces charges of sex crimes against the girl.

The pizza delivery girl alleges that she came into the house and that the man stood in between her and the door. He allegedly touched, exposed himself and tried to kiss her. She also says he asked her for sex in exchange for an extra tip.

The woman told her boss of the incident when she returned to work, and he reportedly encouraged her to report the incident. Police were called and returned to the house with the delivery girl. The man was asked by the delivery girl to open the door and was apparently surprised to be met with police. He contends he only patted her backside as sports players frequently do, and he denies exposing himself to her.

The Washington man has been charged with sexual assault and also indecent assault. Of necessity, charges of sex crimes must be taken seriously as a conviction could entail serious legal consequences. Experienced criminal defense counsel will carefully review the formal accusations as compared to the actual evidence in order to identify appropriate legal challenges and fight for the rights of the accused.

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