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Washington man faces felony charges in alleged urination incident

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2015 | Criminal Defense |

A video uncovered by police seems to depict a man relieving himself on vehicles operated by a local police department, according to reports. The Washington man allegedly posted a video on his Facebook page depicting the act, which police are calling malicious mischief. The man may now face felony charges in connection with the event.

The video, ostensibly uploaded to Facebook, is said to prominently feature the individual in question approaching two patrol cars located in a strip mall parking lot at night. The accompanying voiceovers suggest multiple people were present at the alleged event, attempting to warn the man in the video not to do whatever it was they believed he was planning. The video, which was shot from a distance, went on to allegedly show the man standing partially out of sight between the two squad cars before running back toward the camera.

The post on Facebook went up sometime afterward, accompanied by a caption alleging the man may have indeed urinated on the squad cars. It is unclear whether the man has been taken into custody at this time, but police are considering charging him with malicious mischief in connection with this case. No further information was available at the time of this report.

While public urination is undeniably an unpleasant activity, like any other felony charges, it must be proved in a court of law for the man in question to answer for those charges. Washington prosecutors will have to prove not only the identity of the man in the photo, regardless what he may have posted online, but also that he did indeed commit the act of which he has been accused. Given that the video apparently does not make this evident, it may be more difficult to prove than what might otherwise be believed.

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