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Man in Washington faces drunk driving charges

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2015 | Drunk Driving |

A man who has been accused of attempting to fight state troopers is facing several charges, according to authorities. The 19-year-old man is reportedly in jail following an incident on July 29 in which he allegedly hurled threats and attempted to fight several Washington state troopers after a routine traffic stop. He faces drunk driving charges as well as a slew of others including hit-and-run, third degree assault and obstructing justice.

The police report says the man was pulled over for speeding on Interstate 90 at an estimated 27 miles per hour over the limit. When he was stopped, officers attending the scene said they smelled what they believed to be alcohol on his breath and that he was exhibiting physical symptoms of drunkenness including flushed skin and slurred speech. The man reportedly refused sobriety tests on-site.

The man was arrested shortly thereafter after becoming involved in a so-called “altercation” with one of the officers. He was placed in a squad car where his legs were bound as he was reportedly being violent. He was taken to a local hospital for blood testing and a medical check, where he was described as being “disruptive” until he reportedly fell asleep.

While the report as it is read here certainly seems to lend itself to the veracity of the drunk driving charges, this may bespeak a larger issue. Washington police responded with force to this man’s alleged aggression, but did not include details of the so-called “altercation” that occurred. Those in charge of his defense may wish to learn more about that altercation to determine if the police were operating in a manner conducive to the man’s rights. If they were not, his charges could be lessened considerably.

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