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Keep your alcohol consumption in check at holiday parties

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2019 | Uncategorized |

With Christmas just around the corner, you may have a number of social events you are planning to attend. Like many other Washington residents, you may have work-related events to go to, family gatherings and activities with friends. At some, if not all, of those events, you may have the option of consuming alcoholic beverages.

Many people drink at holiday parties, and as long as you consume alcoholic drinks responsibly, you should not have a problem. Of course, with so many parties close together, you may have concerns about the empty calories you could consume or the chance of drinking too much at any one event.

Avoiding alcohol-related issues

When at social events, it is easier than many people think to drink too much without realizing it. When you are having a good time and chatting with friends or family, you may continue drinking without keeping up with how quickly your drinks disappear. If you have concerns about your alcohol consumption this holiday season, you may want to remember the following tips:

  • Consider sipping on your drinks rather than knocking back one after another. Even if friends encourage you to drink more, you should remember it is your responsibility to consume in moderation.
  • Drink water between your alcoholic beverages to reduce the chances of drinking too much alcohol and to stay hydrated.
  • Remember that the holiday season is a time to focus on friends and family. Make sure your loved ones are the center of your attention rather than the available alcohol.
  • Set realistic goals for your holiday drinking. If you have more than one party to attend on the same day or same weekend, limit yourself to one or two drinks at each event.

Though you may trust the individuals you are with at each event, drinking too much can cause you to act in ways that you may not when sober. As a result, you should remember that drinking in moderation can help you maintain control of your behavior.

Avoiding DUI charges

Drinking in moderation, having a designated driver, calling a taxi and other activities are important to keep in mind at your social events. You do not want to get behind the wheel of a vehicle after drinking too much or even give an officer the suspicion that you drank too much. Of course, if an officer does stop you after a party and suspects you of DUI, you will want to remember that you have legal options for addressing such an ordeal.