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Get the facts about Kitsap County treatment courts

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If you face a pending substance-related charge such as driving under the influence in Kitsap County, you may qualify for the drug court treatment program. Participants must be willing to meet the requirements of this court-supervised route to treatment for substance use disorder, which usually lasts about 18 months.

Review the pertinent information about eligibility to find out whether you can pursue this option for a misdemeanor DUI.

Who can qualify?

You can apply for drug treatment court if you would benefit from clinical treatment for active addiction. The program will not admit you if you face charges for a felony DUI, a crime involving a minor, or a sexual or violent offense.

You must currently live in Kitsap County or move within county lines for the duration of treatment. The fee for the program is $800 but the court states it will not turn away eligible participants for ineligibility to pay.

What should I expect?

First, you must submit your application paperwork to the prosecuting attorney. He or she can refer you to the program if you pass the screening process. You must also sit in on a drug court session before committing to the program and have a clinical evaluation for substance use disorder.

If admitted to Kitsap County drug treatment court, you must complete regular court appearances, probationary supervision, personalized drug and alcohol addiction treatment as indicated, and random substance use testing. You can also take advantage of opportunities to further your education. Upon successful completion of the program, the prosecutor’s office will dismiss your charges.