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What to do if you are accused of domestic violence

On Behalf of | May 6, 2022 | Domestic Violence |

Though domestic violence is nothing to take lightly, there are instances in which the accused maintain their innocence and feel blindsided by the charges filed.

If you find yourself accused of domestic violence, follow these tips to minimize the damage that the charges do to your life and reputation.

1. Follow all court orders

Since courts take these charges very seriously, you must follow any and all orders issued by a judge. This includes orders of protection that require you to stay away from those names on the paperwork. Children and other family members are sometimes listed on the rulings, and though this is difficult, you need to honor the court’s decision.

2. Seek legal representation

You might feel that the charge against you is ludicrous and that you will prevail in court. However, regardless of whether you committed the alleged actions or not, sometimes judges simply do not rule in the direction you believe they will. For this reason, seeking legal representation is a wise move.

3. Keep living your life

Continue to go about your lawful activities such as going to work, meeting with friends and going to church. If ordered to pay child support, ensure you maintain your job so you are able to do so. Showing the court that you are an upstanding citizen may help your case.

Sometimes life throws your curveballs. If one of yours is domestic violence charges, remember to comport yourself with dignity and not to engage in disagreements with your accuser.