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The dos and don’ts of awaiting criminal trial

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2022 | Blog, Criminal Defense |

U.S. law presumes all citizens are innocent until proven guilty. In the state of Washington, criminal defendants have a right to post bail after an arrest and await trial at home unless the charge is a violent or capital crime.

If you are out on bail, you are free to live your life. However, law enforcement and court officials may continue to investigate and scrutinize your every move.

Do appear in court hearings

It is important to get involved during proceedings that can affect your future. The judge expects to see you, and you should show respect for the process by showing up.

Do keep working

If you can work while out on bail, you should continue to do so. You will likely need to pay legal fees, fines or court costs associated with your case. Plus, gaining and keeping employment will show the court that you are a contributing member of society despite your flaws and mistakes.

Do not leave the state

It is important to review the conditions of your bail bond and adhere to any rules outlined in the agreement. While you may have permission to travel within state lines, in most cases, defendants cannot cross state lines. Violating these conditions, intentionally or otherwise can leave a negative impression on the court and result in revocation of your bond.

Do not commit illegal acts

While out on bail, it is imperative that you remain on your best behavior. Avoid conflicts with other people and do not engage in criminal activities that may get you rearrested.

Awaiting trial can be a difficult and stressful period of your life, but using this time to better yourself allows you the opportunity for redemption within your community.