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Washington teen enters not guilty plea for alleged threat

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2014 | Criminal Defense |

Threats of violence in school are always taken very seriously. Even when a student makes an off-hand remark or a comment in the heat of the moment, it could result in very serious consequences. As a result, a young person could face years of legal challenges if they are involved in this kind of scenario.

A 14-year-old boy is currently facing multiple juvenile charges based on allegations that he made threats of violence toward classmates. Police immediately responded to reports that the teen wanted to shoot fellow students at his school in Tumwater, Washington. Apparently, a friend of the accused teen overheard threats and told authorities about what he heard.

In following up, local police officers conducted at search at the boy’s house. Guns and ammunition were found in the teen’s bedroom, according to police reports.

Law enforcement officials have since charged the 14 year old with two juvenile counts of unlawful possession of a weapon, in addition to a juvenile felony charge for harassment. All three of these counts are considered juvenile charges to which the boy has pled not guilty.

Even though the teen will not be tried as an adult, he could still spend significant time in a correctional facility. Juvenile authorities would maintain control of the teen’s incarceration until he is 21 years old, if a conviction is reached.

Even though the accusations leveled against the teen are very serious, his grandmother has come to his defense. She says that he doesn’t actually pose a danger to the school and authorities have exaggerated the charges.

Given the effect these charges could have on this boy for the rest of his life, it will be important to consider the full set of circumstances at work. By allowing any relevant information to come forward, the hope is that the case can be resolved in the most positive fashion possible.

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