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What happens after a DUI in Washington?

On Behalf of | Mar 12, 2024 | Drunk Driving |

Going through a DUI stop can be an intense experience. You might be replaying in your mind if you did or said the right things. For better or worse, going back in time isn’t possible. At this point, accepting the outcome and potential consequences you may face can be a good start to moving forward. From there, exploring your legal options can help to potentially reduce these penalties.

Common effects of an arrest

The impact of an impaired driving arrest varies case-by-case. Typically, you can expect to face legal, financial, and social consequences.

  • Legally: If the charge goes through, your criminal record may suffer from a stain that could stick around for years to come. It’s possible that in addition to a charge, fees and fines, license revocation and jail time are all likely to kick in.
  • Financially: Besides the legal costs of a DUI, a couple of other financial challenges may arise as a result. Higher vehicle insurance rates are often a reality after an impaired driving charge. There is also a chance that you could face job loss or career ambitions could come to a hard stop.
  • Socially: Lastly, and often the most difficult to cope with, is how your daily life may change on a social level. Family or friends may struggle with trusting you around alcoholic beverages. Depending on the severity of your charge, the path to reacceptance may take time and require thoughtful amends.

This list isn’t expansive, so it’s essential to meet with a legal professional to discuss defense options sooner rather than later.

Coping with the aftermath

Accepting the aftermath of a DUI is often a lot to bear. Fortunately, reaching out for help is always an option — from trustworthy friends, Alcoholics Anonymous or a therapist — you don’t have to go through this alone.