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Doctor at Bremerton clinic jailed for alleged sex crimes

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

The relationship between doctor and patient is built on the premise of trust. However, when a doctor finds oneself on the wrong end of an accusation of violating that trust, then his or her whole professional and personal life can be profoundly affected. One Bremerton physician is currently being held in jail after allegations of sex crimes were lodged against him.

The 46-year-old physician went to work for Peninsula Community Health Services located in East Bremerton in 2011. That year he purportedly engaged in an inappropriate behavior with a female patient for which he received remedial training and was ordered to have supervision when treating female patients. Two women recently came forward with allegations that the man sexually assaulted them. One of the claimed incidents resulted in second-degree rape charges.

The man was arrested, and bail was initially set at $50,000. However, during a recent hearing — at which time the assistant prosecutor announced that other women had made similar allegations — the judge increased bail to the sum of $250,000. The man’s medical license has been suspended pending further developments.

Bremerton police have stated that an estimated 15 women have come forward with allegations against their former doctor. However, at the time of the current report, no new charges regarding sex crimes were officially filed. The seriousness of the second-degree rape allegations means his career and reputation as a medical professional are on the line, as is his freedom. Nevertheless, the burden of proof is on the state, and this man is presumed innocent of any wrong doing unless the prosecutors are able to establish the man’s guilt in court and beyond a reasonable doubt.  

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