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Mother facing sex crimes charge related to daughter

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2015 | Sex Crimes |

When an individual is charged with a serious crime, the ramifications are difficult for that person’s immediate family. This is especially true in cases in which sex crimes are the center of an investigation. Reports of criminal charges are often picked up by both print and broadcast media, and news of an arrest can spread very quickly. This is the case for a Washington mother who is accused of engaging in sex trafficking of her own teenage daughter.

Police have arrested the 44-year-old woman under suspicion that she was acting as a pimp in the prostitution of her then 15-year-old daughter. The investigation centered on online ads for sexual conduct. Those ads gave multiple motel room locations in the area.

Investigators have spoken to the teenage daughter, who allegedly told police that her mother knew about her activities. In addition, the daughter claims that her mother was given approximately $2,000 of the money earned from the daughter’s prostitution. However, it is unclear if there is any other evidence that links the mother to the teen’s activities.

This case is difficult for any parent to read about or discuss. The thought of a teenage child participating in any form of prostitution is horrific. However, it is important to acknowledge that there are families in which teenage children make a number of terrible decisions, absent any knowledge or consent of their parents. In this case, it is possible that the relationship between mother and daughter is strained, and that the daughter, faced with being prosecuted for her actions, has tried to mitigate her legal problems by shifting the focus onto an adult.

As with any case, it is far too early to make conclusions about the innocence or guilt of the woman charged with promoting the sexual abuse of a minor. As the case makes its way to court, additional details may be made available. It is also possible that Washington prosecutors may withdraw the charges, if it becomes clear that the woman was unaware of her daughter’s sexual activities. No matter the resolution, the case shines a light on the shame that can be cast upon an entire family when one member is accused of sex crimes.

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